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Integral Arts is a full-service video writing/production house that focuses on narrative filmmaking.

8 June 2015 The trailer for Cap & Ted is out. This is a pilot written by Grany Lokey that Barry directed. Check it out HERE.
5 May 2015 The full Ruby & Martin Series is now available. Check it out at
27 Apr 2015 Ruby & Martin Episode 1 is finally release. Barry directed, and it was written by and stars Taylor Coffman and Clayton Farris. Check it out HERE.
15 Feb 2015 is now live, and the show is released. Check it out! (If you speak Vietnamese)
9 Feb 2015 The teaser trailer for Showbiz XaoXao is out today. It is a short series for DirecTV, featuring the star of the Vietnamese "American Idol." Barry wrote and directed the series.
21 June 2013 We are shooting episodes 6, 7 & 8 of Ruby and Martin this weekend, wrapping the first season.
26 Feb 2013 Barry and two others are pitching SyFy today with a science fiction and magic script called Transnormal.
31 Dec 2013 Tonight Barry is directing a play as part of Sacred Fool Theater Company's Fast and Loose. It will be a blast.
23 Nov 2013 Barry is directing a short called Plea for AGLA this weekend.
23 Oct 2013 Today we are meeting with Warner Brothers International, TruTV and Gannet as part of the New York Television Festival. All good things!
11 Sep 2013 Our gameshow pilot, Crazy Coundown, has been selected by the New York Television Festival for their MSN Short-Form Storytellers contest. The trailer for the show is HERE.
20 May 2013 Our pilot, The Conspiracist, has been selected as a finalist in Voice and Vision: The NBC Drama Challenge, meaning it will be seen by NBC development executives and will compete for $25,000 and a development deal. Details are HERE.
1 April 2013 Ruby and Martin has been selected as a finalist in the New York Television Festival Comedy Central Pilot competition. Details are HERE.
22 Feb 2013 We're going into production on the next three episodes of Ruby and Matin this weekend. The first episodes we shot were featured at last years ITVF. The trailer is HERE.
20 Oct 2012 Our pilot, The Conspiracist, has been selected as a finalist in the NYTVF Samsung Second Screen Challenge. We, and four others, will go to NY to pitch them live on stage to try to win a $300,000 production budget. See the details HERE.
31 July 2012 Kevin's camera review show got picked up by YouTube channel BAMMO, and will be realeased every three weeks. Check it out HERE.
4 Apr 2012 Kevin just posted a great comedic and educational comparison between the new Canon 5D Mk3 and the Nikon D800 for video. Check it out HERE.
27 Mar 2012 Barry helped YouTube channel BAMMO setup the lighting for two studios for their ongoing shows. Lots of light, not lots of money... that's the goal. One of the shows, Upgraded, is HERE.
22 Dec 2011 In honor of Christmas, we are finally releasing a film we did as part of a 2009 invitational 48 Hour Film contest (which we had to keep under wraps originally). The film is 12-25. Also, there is a tie-in video game, created by Otavio Good - the man behind Word Lens.
21 Nov 2011 Barry was DP for a series of web extras for the Showtime show, "Shameless." The first of the five episodes went live today, and you can check it out: Lip's Truth or Dare
16 Nov 2011 Barry and Kevin just wrapped co-directing the independent pilot, "Not in My Neighborhod," on Long Island New York. It was written by Corinna Mendis, and focuses on a young woman going to work at a homeless shelter. The local newspaper did a great writeup on it.
9 Nov 2011 Integral Arts has a new Visual Effects Reel. Check it out for the stellar work of Kevin and Paul Good, our effects gurus.
27 Sept 2011 Barry is executive producing a new TV show, KoldCast Presents, with KoldCast TV  that takes the best in short-form narrative video from their site and puts it together into a half hour show on the world's first interactive TV network, Youtoo Social TV(which is backed by Mark Burnett). It starts this week and runs 26 weeks.
23 Sept 2011 Barry will be on the "Tricks of the Trade" panel at the New York Television Festival on Sept 24th at 1:45. Stop by to learn how to make your pilot look better without spending more money :).
5 Aug 2011 The ITVFest opens today! Our new pilot, "3View" is screening on Thursday, Aug 11. "3View" is nominated for: Best Drama, Best Directing, Best Writing, Best Actor in a Drama (Rick Busser).
3 April 2011 We did our now-annual "How to win the 48 Hour Film Project" class in DC, and had a great turnout. Thanks to all the eager students who came out - and best of luck on your films!
27 Mar 2011 We had our second shoot of Gwendolyn Dangerous, the web series. It was documented well by CDIA photographer John Pellet (photos here). This is a web series based loosely on our 48 Hour Film, Gwendolyn Dangerous and the Great Space Rescue.
26 Mar 2011 We started on our next spec pilot, ThreeView, hosting our first round of auditions. We had great turnout and have 184 audition tapes to watch back. We're wildly excited and thrilled to have so much great talent interested.
1 Feb 2011 Barry was assistant to the award-winner director Darnell Martin as she directed an upcoming episode of The Mentalist called The Red Mile, which will air April 31.
17 Dec 2010 Kevin Good and Barry created a series of ads for a new iPhone app called Word Lens by Quest Visual. The flagship ad (seen here) got over one million hits in the first day on line and was featured nationally by CNN, ABC News, Univision and more. The second ad (seen here) explains more about the origin and making of the app.
15 Nov 2010 Barry has been working as a producer on a pop-up version of Discovery Channel's Dirty Jobs, called Dirty Jobs: The Nitty Gritty. I'm enhancing a number of fan-favorite episodes, including Cranberry Farmer, Mattress Recycler and Marble Maker.
31 Oct 2010 We shot a short today called The Mexican Albanian Standoff as proof-of-concept for a web series. It turned out great, and we'll show it around when we can.
18 Oct 2010 Barry and Kevin have been editing campaign videos for Envision. We also shot one in New York for Envision and VoteVets, called Breathe. Check it out.
28 Aug 2010 Barry was one of the editors on The Guild season 4 episode, Weird Respawn with guest star Will Wheaton of Star Trek: Next Generation fame.
15 Aug 2010 Barry was one of the camera operators on The Guild's new music video, Game On. It's a great Bollywood-themed extravaganza. DP was Chris Darnell.
20 Jun 2010 Our new demo reel is live. Check it out above.
13 Apr 2010 Watch the premiere of Vamped Out, a new web series written, directed and starring Kevin Pollak:
and follow the show on Twitter here:
Barry Gribble was camera operator on this great production from Babelgum Comedy.
12 Apr 2010 The award-winning Integral Arts film, Gwendolyn Dangerous and the Great Space Rescue, won another award - Best Visual Effects of all the thousands of worldwide 48 hour films. Special thanks to Ed Watkins and Paul Good for each spending 24 hours straight on the effort. The award was given by Jason Reitman and included a $1500 software package from Gen Arts.
27 Jan 2010 Danger Close, an Army training film producer by Will Interactive with Barry Gribble directing and Kevin Good as director of photography, won the 2010 CODiE award for Best Workplace Training Solution. The trailer is here.
30 Dec 2009 Check out Sketch of the Dead, produced by, directed by Mike Rotman and starring Paul F. Tompkins and Rich Sommer ( from Mad Men). Barry Gribble was director of photography on this great short film.

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